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I just need to know which cylinder is the #1 in a 4.9 litre engine in a 1991 DeVille Thanks, BRAD
one day the anti lock brake light went on for no reason and has been on ever since, what might be the cause of this, or is there a problem somewhere?
i have replaced the power steering pump but it is still leaking how do i find the leak
Where is the evaporator?
How do I do a Tune up? When I have to lean the engine.
When I drive my car it runs ok until I use my turn signals or anything else electrical, then it seens to lose power and sometimes it will backfire.
I have replaced all the electronic sensors, and the distributor. It ran fine for several days, then this morning I went to start it and it backfired and smoke came out the exhaust and from under the hood. Now it wil...
were is the fuse for the gas gauge on a 1991 cadillac deville
it seems to not be getting gas.the car is great till an hour of driving then it just bogs down when you push the gas pedal.fuel filter is new and the car runs really strong.it has 200,000 miles and i just cant part wi...
The auto climate control does not turn on and the A/C is blowing out hot air. The A/C system was just re-charged, but still does not work correctly. The mechanic says that the A/C system is leaking and that the A/C co...
trying to add refrigerant and not sure which of the two ports is the low pressure port. Please assist
I have a '91 Cadillac Deville with a 4.9 litre engine. It has 80,000 miles. It recently started running extremely rough, I had a tune up done. This did not correct it. I have also been getting a bit of an exhaust ...
when i turn off car fan still run's for hrs. until i go out and remove 30amp fusethen it stop's. what do i need to do!
I replaced my MAP sensor and now my car will not start. It seems that it has no spark. I replaced the ignition coil also.
How do I release the hood when the latch is broken?