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I have no codes flashing nor a check or service light on.while in park i can press the gas and I hear no ticking sound coming from the engine.when I put it in drive and press the gas pedal I hear a clicking noise as I...
the way the motor sets so close to the fire wall . you can't get to the back plugs
Whats the gas milege on a 1996 Deville V-8 32 v northstar engine 4 door sedan automatic tranmission?
I have a 1989 Cadillac deville, while driving the other day it just stopped. I left it for awhile and it started, but the lights inside are not showing up correctly and they are flashing. I was also able to get it g...
I am trying to locate the ecm on my car it is a 1990 Cadillac Coupe Deville
back turn signals not lighting or blinking.dash lights not lighting or blinking.fronts light but dont blink.fuse good.bulbs,good
I have a 1989 deville and the button on the seat belt has broken and the belt will not lock into it. Is there a repair kit for this?
how to replace
is strutmaster conversion struts a good replacement for air shocks,does it have a smooth ride, or is my cadilac going to ride like a truck.
if i prime the throrttle body a few time then it will start and run.but the first time of the day it's hard to start.it's like it's out of gas.
I have an 82 Coupe Deville and the 6 way adjustable seat motors activate when the tilt and forward switches are engaged but the seats don't move. This just suddenly started at the same time on both sides. Does anyone ...