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Car sounds like a humming or as if u have muders on the highway I thought it was u joints maybe but was told by Firestone it's the rearend the dealer said about 1400 to replace the car is not under warranty or payed o...
I've had the front ones replaced last year and I brought it in and was told that the back brakes are fine it was probably just salt and other dirt that got in there. Could this indeed be the case? Once summer comes sh...
I need to change the rear end oil and transfer case oil hopping to get the car running quite. tell me how.
I noticed my blower is running more often
its a dealer car, looks clean.i never owned a cadi so I have no knowledge of car.are they good over 100,000.
Dash shows all wheel drive off, service brake assist, and service traction control. All happened at same time while driving at 75 mph.
My car started shutting down while I'm driving it starts right back up but what would cause this?
just turned 100.000 and fuel is leaking from the right top area of the tank I've had a lot of cars in the past and I can't recall ever having a problem from a leaking gas tank and plastic.
Even get the lights or ANYTHING to come back on. What do I do???