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Please help me my 6yo boy has to get. Surgury in two.days
Has had 2 boosters and sensors put on and warning light still comes on. System has been reset.
this is a sport-wagon,the window will go back up via switch but goes back down on its own when turning car off
I have a 2011 and 2003 cadillac and my mechanic is suggestion for use to replace our PCM...??? We're trying to get lease expensive one and they have told us about Solo Auto, I wanted to know if anyone has heard of the...
Car sounds like a humming or as if u have muders on the highway I thought it was u joints maybe but was told by Firestone it's the rearend the dealer said about 1400 to replace the car is not under warranty or payed o...
The third brake light does not come on, is there a fuse for just that? Or I was told its a CADILLAC thing and you have to replace it, I was also told to send it to Rush is th states and he changes them to LED for only...
locked keys in car , how do I override or reset anti theft system ?
I made a stop and it felt like it was rocking side to side