Car is still sputtering. Recently found a crack in the valve cover which is made of plastic. Tried to patch it. Did a smoke test but didn't see a leak anywhere. What could this be? Still no warning or engine light

I changed the spark plugs a few weeks ago along with the fuel injector sensor because the gas cap warning came on/engine light. There's no engine light or warning now but my car sputters horribly in idle and reverse please help!

I thought mabye gas gage was wrong. Was told my transmission was locked on sport. Is there a way to unlock it

I have a wrecked 2004 with a 3.6 that I need to know if it will easily bolt in to my 2003 that has a bad 3.2

No problems until husband changed heater filter, starts like a dream, then shuts down.

no lights on mirror come on, not even on star light, fuse is good, is mirror the problem?

Any time the car has sat for a couple of hours, I start it and have to keep my foot on the break or it lunges back fast. Dealer can't find anything wrong

07 cts will not start after replacing timing chain, the engine pop's then keeps cranking until I turn off the key.

dealer says its a switch that's gone bad and must be replaced & switch supposedly cost $600. plus labor
Is this something I can purchase online and install myself ?

When I turn the key back there is absolutely no power of any sort.

My mech said ECM might need replacing car runs fine but I feel it just needs Trans Fill up.

after I stop for gas and fill up my car will not start for about 15 minutes

we already pulled the green cord but nothing it just wont open

My air in dash vents does not blow out air. Only on the floor but I can hear air blowing from the dash but can't feel any air coming from vents? How can I check without it costing me a arm and leg?

Changed rear 0-2 sen finally got check engine light off now having the battery being pulled down . Now these codes come up -P1779 P1780 P1795 P0121 P0221 P0700 P1779 P1780 P2176

when i turn the defrost on it want defrost the window so I let the windows down and it starts to clear up

I have a 2008 cadilac ctc model and when I try starting it up it won't start but what does the light of a car and lock on the dash lights mean and can I override it?

Dealership says Ecm good
Key keep getting stuck
Message board, service security system
Service brake system
Service abs system
Temperature gauge not working
Gas gauge not working
Security icon is on
Abs icon is on
I'm about to replace ecm totally myself

Car also cut off and wouldnt start after putting regular gas in it started a little after nd cut off again hasn't cut off since also notice water coming out of passenger door and back floor is wet jus bought car for $950 180000 miles 3 days ago car is a little shaky when braking rides smootn otherwise traction light on and abs light seller said car has been sitting

My car started making a metal on metal sounding banging, slapping noise. Happens at low speeds in drive or reverse, and happens when I am accelerating up to about 10/15mph, and starts to happen again when I'm coming to a stop and under 10/15mph. We replaced the carrier bearing and right drivers CV axle. When driving it, the steering wheel will shake a little, it makes the loud clunking banging noise, and seems to make the clunk as the driveshaft does its cycle. We are thinking its the driveshaft but trying to see if its something that's not so expensive. We checked the bolts as we replaced the carrier bearing. Not sure what it could be. I don't even want to drive it anywhere because the noise gets extremely loud. Especially when I'm coming from diving and slowing down and will shake the car.

My front left wheel speed sensor wire connector is damaged and is unplugged for now.Now my abs and traction control is ON.Does anyone know how much itime is to get fixed.

Car wasvran with no oil and now it knocks

The sunroof is stuck open and will not close. I tried the override option.

It starts to hum after the first 5 minutes of driving, at low rpms. It's a deep hum. I've resurched online and people say it could be the rear differential. Please help! Thank you

.seems to be killing my battery as well

My daughter was pulling on it while i was driving and now it seems loose. Does anyone know how much this will coat to get fixed?

Traction engaged comes up on my screen service brake assist and abs is light up what do I need to do it is not wanting to go

Radio screen is a jumbled mess they say the whole radio has to be replaced even though radio works nine hundred dollars . Just spent eleven hundred for alternator . They said alternator caused the short in radio . Do not feel confident in their answer