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Yesterday driving to a friends my Cst started riding ruff an the traction control flashed on.. now every time since then when I drive I cant pass 60mph.
air are heater wont come on has no power cant locate fuse
When I turn my key on my wipers comes on and will not turn off when switch is put in off position. The only why I got them to turn off was by removing the ACCESSORY RELAY MINI in the fuse panel. I tested the relay a...
I'm looking to possibly convert the front clip (fenders, lights, grill, bumper) from my 2007 to a 2008, but I would like to know if the parts fit or will I need to make major modifications.
Radio volume (radio is on), key in ignition chime, and door lock chime are not working
how does it affect the wipers
what can be done until I can get to a repair shop
I need to know how to stop them
when I change from drive to reverse it makes a clanking sound and jerks a little bit.