Dealership says Ecm good
Key keep getting stuck
Message board, service security system
Service brake system
Service abs system
Temperature gauge not working
Gas gauge not working
Security icon is on
Abs icon is on
I'm about to replace ecm totally myself

Car is in my garage with doors locked and we have no keys to open? What is your recommendation to have keys made???
Your help is most appreciated.


If you jump the new starter the car will start. We were told to reprogram the key. The lock light is now out but car stii won't start and the gear shift is locked. Any suggestions. Caddy dealer wants $115 per hour just to look at it.

backed into a parking space on a hill, now I'm ready to leave, I start the car but the car won't go into gear. What should I do?

the car is chugging after I start it and while driving. I was told that after the diagnostic test it was the 4th injector that is not firing what is the cost of repair and what does it take to repair it? What, is causing the chugging? too much fuel or not enough and can I repair it myself and how hard is it to get to the injector? And does this Cadillac have spark plugs?