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how do I get a stuck key out of the ignition. The electrical system works but can not turn the key or get it out.
And the car drop down and slow up until I come off the gas and clear message.it does it every day when I hit a bump or I don't hit a bump,what cause it to do that?
Anti lock won't release.... Finally got key out but still can't get anti lock off.. Please help..
Theres a loud clicking sound when i shift my car from park to reverse and so on can anyone help with any direction besides goin to the dealer ? Thanks
After replacing throttle body, harness and pedal assembly code for learning position still comes up, all power, grounds and reading from the throttle seem to be fine. I have followed several different ways to learn th...
It just occurred this morning. It alsmost sounds like something is loose so I'm thinking something has broken. so I could be looking at a new window motor. Would like to know that cost as well. Thanks!
the next day my wipers are totally not working, no spray, no operation. installer said it is a coincidence, he checked "his" wiring... he says the didn't do it, car has 50,000 on it. they worked fine the day I brought...
When I turn on my 2004 Cadillac CTS, the engine light stays on. I took it to get an oil change suspecting the problem was the oil since it WAS low. After the oil change, the engine light is Still on. I took it to Auto...