When I turn the key back there is absolutely no power of any sort.

My mech said ECM might need replacing car runs fine but I feel it just needs Trans Fill up.

My air in dash vents does not blow out air. Only on the floor but I can hear air blowing from the dash but can't feel any air coming from vents? How can I check without it costing me a arm and leg?

My front left wheel speed sensor wire connector is damaged and is unplugged for now.Now my abs and traction control is ON.Does anyone know how much itime is to get fixed.

It starts to hum after the first 5 minutes of driving, at low rpms. It's a deep hum. I've resurched online and people say it could be the rear differential. Please help! Thank you

Traction engaged comes up on my screen service brake assist and abs is light up what do I need to do it is not wanting to go

I changed the brake light switch, bulbs, fuses and the brake light connectors. after changing all the it is still burning the fuses out. there is something in the wiring that causing it to burn out the fuses. I need some advice on what to do next

besides the delearler

How much should this repair cost?