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What other parts has to come off of the engine before you can take the valve covers off?
My master cylinder broke and now i need a new one im hoping that i can buy one from a different year is that ok or does it need to be a 2001 master cylinder catera
I looked under the persenger floor mat for blower motor, but I could not find it.
It's harder to get it out of park when it's first started after sitting for a while.
just had timing belt valve cover gaskets water pump thermostat replaced and the car still smells hot when i stop at a light of stop. this morning it was raining hard and i heard like a boling sound in my dash could th...
Then my wife turned the kill switch and got shocked by exess wire now the car wont start unless its cool . Should i put used ecm in car . Or reprogram key. I just boughtvthis car it was hit in front
I too have the same problem with an engine knock, louder when cold. 97 catera has engine knock,will knock when started up and quiets down once it warms up ,but does not go away entirely. I purchased this car during...
We tried replacing the crankshaft sensor, and that wasnt it. any ideas on what it could be? It tries to start but cant.
i have changed fuel pump crank sensor i can get it to run at idol with starting fluid if iturn key off and try restart it will start for afew seconds codes po100 u2108 any sugestions greatly app thank you
doe's it say check engine or have a picture of engine ?