My daughters car was overheating this weekend and I was thinking it could need a replacement on the thermostat.

Been sitting for awhile

Smoking and something in the front, now my headlight,windshield and AC, stays on and car want start! Horn, radio or Windows works!

I was driving the car with one half in the ignition then I put the other half in.but then the battery died so I charged the battery then put the other half in and wouldn't turn the lights worked but still couldn't turn the key.

Gas, replaced fuel filter, both coil packs, new plugs. Stillwwon't start

Is the low side of the a/c the driver side or passenger side

I'm going to charge my a/c system

What other parts has to come off of the engine before you can take the valve covers off?

My master cylinder broke and now i need a new one im hoping that i can buy one from a different year is that ok or does it need to be a 2001 master cylinder catera

I looked under the persenger floor mat for blower motor, but I could not find it.