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Cars starts runs and drives but when i turn the heat or lights on it stalls but restarts no problem what could the problem be?

It occurs any time unexpectedly, I had to disconnect the fuse

All of my brake lights on my 01 catera worked yesterday and this morning my reverse light and brake light went out i baught new bulbs went to put them in, didnt work and than after that every single light in the rear went out what is going on


My daughters car was overheating this weekend and I was thinking it could need a replacement on the thermostat.

Where exactly is this coolant coming from being running Down the side of the bell housing. Right beside two transmission lines

What's the best way to correct trouble code and stop coolant leak. Also the problem just started today and hasn't done this before.

Can the dealer replace it free?

Was driving car radio started to turn off so i would push the únlock button the remote radio would come back on. Went to store left car on in fear it alimentos start no more than 5-10minutes car turned off by itself. Ríen it would only crank not start. After 10 mins of trying í killed the battery. So maybe 20-30 minsmaybe even 45 mins goes by after car stopped í got a jump ame after two times of trying to start it car started right up so i drove it 14 miles to my house. Parked it turned it off and went to turn it on and it started right up. Please í am single mother tight on money and need any help on this problem í just got the car love it but really cant afford to take it to dealership to fix but well if i have to when í get paid. Also does anyone know is it hard to hook up if i wanted to upgrade the stereo to a bose stock radio for a 1997 catera?

I have a 2000 model Cadillac Catera with 3.0L engine. It shows error codes P0335 and P0727. I know little about cars. Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it. I would appreciate if some once can help me out from this.

Been sitting for awhile

will the headlights from a 2001 model cadillac catera fit in a 98 model

i change the radiator but still oil comming through the reservour.

Where is the thermostat located on a 2000 Cadillac Catera?

Smoking and something in the front, now my headlight,windshield and AC, stays on and car want start! Horn, radio or Windows works!

I was driving the car with one half in the ignition then I put the other half in.but then the battery died so I charged the battery then put the other half in and wouldn't turn the lights worked but still couldn't turn the key.

the sss steering system is not working at low speed which is when it is supposed to be the strongest i just bought this car though i had the same make model and year when new i am not ambulitory use transfer board to get in and out i can no longer drive any hints or where i could find a site for service manual mechanic milking me to death need car so volunters can drive me to Dr. and hospitals

I used a diagnostic instrument and a code or reading came up. My door locks , high beam lights, interior lights, radio fail to work until I turn the wipers on. Also the alarm stopped working. The car may or may not start after multiple attempts.



Gas, replaced fuel filter, both coil packs, new plugs. Stillwwon't start

When the light comes on the car moves slowly as if the parking brake is on. If I shut the car off and restart it the problem goes away. This happens mostly when the car has been sitting for awhile...usually first thing in the morning or when leaving work at the end of the day. I know it is a transmission thing but am hoping not gonna cost a fortune to fix!

It just crank and crank but wont start, first time happened to the car please help me

Is the low side of the a/c the driver side or passenger side