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It doesn't work on dashboard or car remote
Locations Relay Locations
it will not start. I also replaced the spark plugs. when it shut off the gas cap light came on, unscrewed it and put it back on nothing happens. acts like it wants to turn over but won't. what do you think the problem...
can put back up, but will erratically go down. can stop and put back up, but when-even does sam
again the car wont start for abaut one hour once the car is cold the car start. When turn the key when is hot nathink turn like there is no electric connection
Likes it's getting no fuel I check lines fuel pump not running
Car overheated after a short drive while testing in order to reset the computer after replacing the brake modulator.Not short on water.
Fuses aren't blown what could be r The problem
While driving, I felt something pop and the gas peddle lost pressure. The belt was broken and has been replaced but the engine won't turn over.
Under the intake on the back of the motor is a water manifold. This has the heater hose and the hose that runs to the mass airflow sensor coming out of it. It is held down by tow 18MM bolts. There are four round gas...
I also have a slight transmission leak. Could this just be a lose transmission pan?
Had timing belt and valve cover gaskets replaced and shortly after that started burning oil on exhaust manifolds . I replaced valve cover gasket twice in the last two months and still leaking oil onto exhaust manifold...