1999 Cadillac Catera Questions

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I was changing my spark plugs and noticed this part was broken with no electrical connection at all how does this affect the car

It occurs any time unexpectedly, I had to disconnect the fuse

i change the radiator but still oil comming through the reservour.

When the light comes on the car moves slowly as if the parking brake is on. If I shut the car off and restart it the problem goes away. This happens mostly when the car has been sitting for awhile...usually first thing in the morning or when leaving work at the end of the day. I know it is a transmission thing but am hoping not gonna cost a fortune to fix!

It just crank and crank but wont start, first time happened to the car please help me

Added a Gforce Chip,working good but now I have smoke,definitely oil,coming up from under the hood. Driver side under fill hole. No fluids on ground at all but oil is most certainly dripping on hot areas and burning before any drips to the ground. Other than the Valve Cover Gasket can you give any even "guess" if not sure advice as to what problem could be? Also oil gauge stays around 30 PSI until I press accelerator then it jumps to 45-50 PSI before leveling off during steady speeds back to around 30.

This car generally drives great but if the car is driven for more than 45-1hr or has been idling a while, it doesn't start back up if turned off until it seems like the car has cooled down maybe...after this it starts right back up. I took it for a check and repair and was told it was definitely the alternator and had that replaced but the problem persists...any ideas as to what is the actual problem? No indicator lights are illuminated...radiator recently replaced after fender bender. New battery. Starts again b4 a cool off with a jump from another vehicle. about 45,000 original miles on car.

I want to do the required maintenance... timing belt and such, but can't find a dealer that will do the work !!!!
One dealer told me why fix what's not broken !!! if they start working on the engine they may run into costly parts and will cost more than car is worth !!!! So I'm suppose to drive til the timing belt breaks and hope I survive an accident !!! Don't know what to do ????