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Added a Gforce Chip,working good but now I have smoke,definitely oil,coming up from under the hood. Driver side under fill hole. No fluids on ground at all but oil is most certainly dripping on hot areas and burning b...
This car generally drives great but if the car is driven for more than 45-1hr or has been idling a while, it doesn't start back up if turned off until it seems like the car has cooled down maybe...after this it starts...
I want to do the required maintenance... timing belt and such, but can't find a dealer that will do the work !!!! One dealer told me why fix what's not broken !!! if they start working on the engine they may run into...
What is the problem with this 99 catera when it has no power andruns very badly and has raw gas coming out the tailpipe?
Everything should have power for 10 mins, but don't. Why is this?
They have not worked since I have had the car.
i need dex cool an my car how do you put it an
has been working and the resivoir is full
Problem started WHEN dealer checked headlight. Alarm goes off every couple hours When I leave car unlocked, alarm does not go off?