Where exactly is this coolant coming from being running Down the side of the bell housing. Right beside two transmission lines

What's the best way to correct trouble code and stop coolant leak. Also the problem just started today and hasn't done this before.

will the headlights from a 2001 model cadillac catera fit in a 98 model

I replaced my thermostat and now the transmission is all messed up. revs to 4000 rpms and then slams into gear. after that i have no overdrive and have to shift the car manually. once i shut the car off it recycles the problem again. any ideas?

when I fill it up it reads below half a tank on the gauge how and what needs to be fixed

The power steering goes on for a week and off for a week. The fluid is fine. The speed indicator is also interminent

Is it because it has a oil leak problem?

Shifting in drive and it only idleas

still won"t start

I never had a problem starting the car before. Today I touched the red hot wire to the chasis and a spark came up. Now the car cranks but won't start. When I turn the key all the dash lights come on except the check engine light. What could be the problem? Does anyone know where is the main fuse to the car? What is the main fuse?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

and car over heaths all the time

i reciently had the service engine light oil light and coolent lights reset on car after having it overhauled. new plugs wires oil change coolent flush by a sertified mechanic.now my temp read out is in celcius not farienheight no outside temp and blows freezing cold in the front but heat blows out hot in the rear? help please.