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Any specifics to change a flat tire
Since December 2014 Car has had the ignition coil replaced, pletnum gasket, valve gasket covers, front tires, new battery, spark plugs and spark plug wires. Looking to purchase this car for really good price from a fr...
My mechanic has repaired the brakes but the brake light comes on , the brakes are grabbing without being applied, they will not let go until the car sits for a while. The mechanic has replaced the wire that shows one...
and check engine light intermittent. To get rid of the miss, I turn of ignition and restart. Miss will clear after about 15-30 seconds. Coolant is disappearing but no leaks on ground underneath and no smell of coola...
I need head gaskets due to the fact the coolant in in the oil.
Car would not start, charged battery but battery was dead after a couple of hoursand charged it again and battery died again while not hooked up?
I traced the hoses into the block and it seems like it comes out as fast as you pour it on driver side
Engine has slight loss of coolant and plug fouled. Compression is good for all cylinders. I want to try liquid glass to seal leak.
While trying to start my car my key proceeds all the way to the starting position but I am getting to starting progress. The key just moves freely to the starting position.Do I replace the ignition switch or the lock ...
doesn't make any noise. is it safe to drive? or whats your guess?
97 catera has engine knock,will knock when started up and quiets down once it warms up ,but does not go away entirely.
i drove car 40 miles and 1 and half quart oil went into resivor and over heated on me