Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Cables in Convertible Top May Break

(19 reports)

Cables in the convertible top tend to break. If the convertible top stops operating prior to reaching the desired open or closed position, the micro switches that sense the position of the top may have failed.

Cables from top are broken, top doesn't open. Is there a way to open it manually ? -
top just doesn't operate, owner tells me that switch flashes after pushing it, but no movement -
Have to give the soft top a good push from the inside to get it to follow through with opening roof -
top wont go down/took lt to the dealer cost me 230dollars wok for amonth now ihave the same problem -
Cable broke convertible top Mercedes CLK 430 -
sensor replaced, problem fixed -
the cables in convitible soft top break -
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