When I turn my key to on position no dash lights.it act like it want to crank but don't catch turns right back off I put new fuel filter on it the starter is good so what do I need to do next to save money from buying parts I don't need

The horn honks all the time if the fuse is in.

I just had my transmission's fluid flushed and filter changed. Now it doesn't shift up to overdrive. The fluid level and color was fine before the fluid change, the pan gasket a small slow leak. Before the fluid change it would shift into overdrive but recently it would hesitate shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Shifted into overdrive normally. The car has 346K miles on it. I had the torque converter replaced (used) 200K miles ago.

Thanks in advance!


occasionally, it wants to stall unless more pressure is applied to the accelerator (sounds like the exhaust is getting louder as a result) The check engine light stays on and will begin to flash if going up hill. The vehicle is going through fuel at a very fast pace

I keep coming up with a egr value code where is it located at

The right signal and brake light will work again if I pull the light assembly out of place, but they stop working once i move the car.

when I turn the key on and the dash light come on, oil pressure seat belt, air bag and etc the car will start if they do not light up the car will start and quit

you can hear the motor in the window but it wont go up or down.I have taken it apart and replaced the regulator(i think thats what it called) but it still wont go up or down

already know where the pin hole leak is just need to know how to remove and replace the hose