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ok my vent temp is 42 at idle and driving up to about 35-40 mph any faster the temp rises up around 65 deg's everything is new no reman stuff vac it down to -28, high side pressure is 225-low side pressure is 40, outside temp is 90. anyone have a clue thks dave

what is code 51

I had a problem with my blinkers and brake lights. I fixed this problem and now my tail lights will not work. I changed the fuses and all the bulbs. Any suggestions

I have replaced the batteries, and I do not have the door key, only ignition key.

I love this car, it drives great and is decent at the pump, but there are some problems. When it rains water leaks in and pools on the driver side floor, none of the windows roll down, and now a mechanic says we need to replace the AC Compressor. I inherited this car from my father and he says that he's not willing to pay the $600 to fix the AC Compressor because of all the problems he fixed before I owned the car, plus the leak means that the problem could arise again. Does anyone know how to fix that leak, the windows and could I fix that compressor myself?

Just replaced transmission and alternator

1995 Buick (skylark 2.3L) 4 Quad 16V DOHC .

I cannot get to the pully. Things are too close together. There must be a way!

shop has car and it is getting very costly.i have put in fuel pump,filter,egr valve,plugs wires.i am just about to let them keep the me please.i need help.

headlight switch

Can you use any kind of antifreeze in your vehicle?

I turned my car on and found out the serpentine belt is off and the tensioner pully barrings are wemt out.