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price. however, I dont know how to take it out or install it. Any tips?
My struts are pretty worn out. I hit RailRoad tracks and bottomed out. Now no reverse and it slips in drive. all fluid levels are fine. It has a tapping sound when in Park or Neutral.
Prior to the problem with the fuel pump, I was getting 27 to 33 mpg. Since replacement, my mpg has dropped in half and the engine still bogs and acts like it wants to die.
heater hose assembly went bad,it was replaced,refilled,no leaks,shortly afterward,low coolant level light came on,& remains on,it is full.What would cause that?
Have an electrical problem. The lights went dim, The radio had power surges you could hear over the speakers, The blinker signal slowed, battery was drained in less than a day of driving. Replaced alternator and batt...
What is the price to repair an intake manifold gasket including labor?
1994 Buick Skylark 2.3L 4 cylinder At idle engine is rough (cylinder missing?). Will not accelerate above 30 mph. 2 months ago the spark plugs and "boots" were changed. Engine operated well after that until two weeks ...
how do you replace transmission cooler lines? Is there pressure on these lines when the car is off?
Have poer to fuel relay, (for the fuel pump, but do not have power to energize relay. According to schemitic i have there is a fuel/oil switch? where would this be located? I am not getting power to fuel pump.
where is the thermostat located?
could overfilling the antifreeze/coolant after a recent radiator replacement cause head gasket to leak? does steel seal work on my gasket?
where is thermostat and how to replace?