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Basically the fact that it cycles once after ignition, then dies. The engine keeps running if I apply gas to it but dies when I take the foot off the gas pedal
My boyfriend tried to start the car, it wouldn't turn completely over and after the fifth time trying to start, it popped and then puff of blueish smoke came from under where the air filter is located
Egr valve replaced, spark plugs replaced, Spark plug wires replaced. fuel system cleaned. I noticed the tin round piece on the bottom of the old cap was missing. Could this be caught up in the system ?
their is a ping. And the transmission little rough when it does not run around 190. What would be causing not heating up to normal running temp ?
Could this be electrical? How do I investigate the cause? Desser 10-7-2014
I drained old fluid out and changed all gaskets. now I just need to add fluid
locating heater control valve on 1992 Buick roadmaster?
at, speed runs well, just during idle, oilpressure drops, engine idles rough and stalls.