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at service station they plug in to check but on my end there is no response from the car
Going in Monday for an oil change, but this web site sure makes me relax and feel better,,gas cap ? I can do that..I will just have to over tighten..amazing I just filled up and it came on...thanks everyone, you sure ...
any gear. When I do put in gear sounds like in park or neutral
Pressing unlock on key fob opens driver's door, but second and even third press does not open passenger doors. Is this a short in wiring or could it be a fuse?
even after I fill my tank, my gauge sometimes says 1/4 tank or 1/2 tank, my low fuel light comes on and off sometimes a few times during a short ride to the store. what could be causes this ?
My gas tank filler tube may need replaced. The check engine light stays on. We've try a new cap and that doesn't help.
I was driving on the highway and the battery light flashed on..kept going and right to the mechanic who drove it around all day..nothing..absolutely nothing wrong...took it to the dealer again nothing wrong everything...
The rear hatch door is very heavy...seems harder to raise Is there a solution for this?
Took it into the dealer who is up to there you know whats with recalls, checked it out and said things were fine ..so what could cause this? They said to drop it off and eventually between recalls will get to it to ch...
Can I install NGK 6509 spark plugs on Buick Rendezvous 3.5L cxl 2006? Some sites list it as a fit and do not. Any help is appreciated.
the car drives very well, then it stops what could be causing this fuel pump or fuel filter needs to be changed.