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For the past two days after I start my car the engine continues to rev with the rpm needle staying between the 2 and the 3. I turn the car off and try it again - the engine does the same thing. It will do this even if...
My speedometer is working sporadically and is affecting the speed and shifting.
Wipers made one full motion and stopped in the middle of the next wipe. Could this be a fuse or is motor likely blown?
Still power coming from engine but no acceleration. Light with a down arrow & engine comes on.Problems occur after about a hour of driving.Also the fuel gauge is not acting right
is the starter out when you turn the key and it just clicks won't start
Theshifter would move but would not allow me to put in drive or any other choices. It just acted like it was limp and wouldn't catch on any of the transmission positions.
Was fine then when we got in the key will not unlock the ignition. We've check to make sure it's in park, jiggled the wheel back and forth. Used graphite
With the key in the igiotionwhat could be making this happen
My 2005 Rendezvous Buick has damaged head gaskets that have been overheating and a radiator that will probably need repairs. I would like to get this vehicle fixed, but its too much money to handle, almost $2,000. My ...
they go all the way to the floor. the all wheel disarm light comes on. We changed the master cylinder and the pads are good. What is wrong Please?