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Why does my passenger seat belt stay on
Dark smoke from tail pipe over heat quick
over heat after 3 minutes of driving, dark smoke comes out tail pipe
Dark smoke comes out tail pipe after 3 minutes over heat
rotated the engine forward , am move the necessary items in the front. Do I have to move wind guard between the windshield and hood?
Sometimes after I drive my car and say go to the bank when I come out put my key in the ignition and it wont turn on. Its literally stuck in the ignition and I cannot turn it on or take it out..I tried to make sure m...
My car is only blowing luke warm heat I had the fuel filter replaced, water pump replaced, therstat replaced, coolant flush, radior cap replaced and still blowing luke warm air. If you turm up the heat it blows cold a...
i went to turn the car off @ it all of a sudden it dont want to turn all the way to the off position. it will turn from acc to on to start & it will go into gear like its not in park but it is. i even tried to slam th...