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It is like getting hit in the rear from a car going 5mph
it almost felt like I was hit in the rear. It only does it once in a while
All possible causes
It will charge battery when driven for a while is it alternator again
On 4/24/15 i had a front driver's side strutt replaced and now the BrakeLight/Beeper stays on.Very annoying won't turn off what can it be? We filled the brakefluid container and had it on computer but it didn't regist...
In a recent collision at which point my AWD disabled light came on. Repair center says that it was triggered due to a bad calibration sensor. Since there was no damage to the outer housing unit, the insurance won't ...
the brakes release when neutral or drive selected
Dash lights dimmed then went out. Car quit and could not turn the wheel or restart.
My car gas tank got messed up n i cant find it anywhere.please help
My car has been accelerating when i drive. I let the gas pedal go and the car keeps going and it picks up speed as if I'm pushing the pedal. I have taken it to 3 mechanics and they can't find the problem.It also looks...