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the light keeps coming on i ran out of gas today the gages went dan i dnt know what the problem is..could somebody help me with this question
It only does it sometimes and it seems to fix itself but sometimes it wont start for days
motor completely rebuilt with three tank of gas and these two monitors and wouldn't r eset
ABS & AWD disabled lights are on. Scanned at oreilly and it read right front wheel speed sensor was bad. I want to verify this before I replace the sensor. Is there a procedure I can run through.
My oil cooler has a hole in it, my husband used a screw driver to try and take the filter off and put it through my oil cooler. It will cost over 200.00 just for the part as we cannot find one here. Just wondering if...
where is fuse for taillights I can not find in owners manual
When i try to crank it it tries but doesnt crank. It only does this sometimes. The newest thing that happened i hooked my scan tool up and it gave a p0405 code(EGR low voltage) I did the test where you take the egr of...