When in a roll over crash will any of the airbags depoly

No heat, told I need a new Bland Door at a cost of $700+. Is that a reasonable price. Car in in near perfect shape with only 77k miles. New tires, shocks, struts, rear springs and more.

What is wrong and how do I fix this?

I've had the throttle body cleaned and 2 diagnostics ran and nothing found, after I drive it for a while either it will stall at a slow speed and not start for about 15 minutes or so or when I shut it off it won't start for about the same amount of time, it will turn over, and when it does start it runs great,

Happens when going over 5 mph. Would like to know what may be.


This light does not come on all the time. Just every so often starting about a month ago. It goes off whenever you turn the vehicle off. It will either come on after a few minutes, few days, or even a week and a half. Any suggestions on what I should check?

My service traction system light keeps coming on every so often. It does not stay on all the time. It actually turns off when I turn the vehicle off. Does not come right back on when I start the vehicle.