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when temp outside dips below 80 degrees cold air returns
none of the parking lights work on my vehicle. I have tried replacing the relay underneath the rear seat. that did not solve the problem I cannot find a fuse anywhere in the manual for lights work fineheadlights and t...
Started out by not working all the time. Now it will not work at all and the heater control and radio feels hot. The vents above the radio have not worked since we bought the vehicle. It is getting cold and would be n...
This doesn't happen every day but getting to be more frequent what could it be
My rear liftgate won't lock or even latch. When I use the keyfob, it makes a noise but does not lock.
How do you remove the steering wheel? How to I get to the shroud to remove a retaining screws. I want to replace all four connectors.
This is the 2nd battery i have replaced in 12 months. Something is drawing power when the car is off. Now when I drive the blower seems to cut out for a split second and the enging rpms reveve up. I have auto suspensi...
The problem started after I unhooked the battery and hooked it back up. How do I fix this?
We purchased our vehicle and within 3 months the transfercase motor failed. We replaced the motor, drove 4 hours and it failed again.
After being driven it rises to normal height until the next morning and it drops down again.
i get a jerk or a pause with a squeaking noise when i make a sharp turn