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blowing in defrost and bottom only need to find my vent actuators location two change it
Verified that the switch is getting power. We can straight wire to motor and it will work. What else could be wrong?
After vehicle is turned off the blower motor keeps running. It will stop if fuse #35 is pulled out.
When I start my Vehicle, the oil gauge automatically goes all the way to the top, but goes back down when shut off..could this be caused by the sensor and if so, where is it located?
It stops ok, but not as good as my rendezvous. Rainier has anti lock and traction control Rainier does not.
This has been going on for 9 yrs. I'm on third set of tires at 109,000 miles. Could it be universal joint?
I cant get the shifter to move or crank my vehicle. What would cause this issue?
Need some help. Do you know where the amp is located.I was going to try that. I did remove speakers to eliminate the buzzing sound I know to fix the radio I have to take out everything.Also the little radio in the bac...
The fuel gauge go's up and down at any giving time but fuel pump is working fine.
It will blow from the floor and defrost this did not effect the rea air either. Could this be a vacumn hose maybe or do you think it is the acuator door.
now the rear end will not lift at all.when i start the suv i can hear the the pump tring to lift the backend but it stays dropped.what should i look for to fix problem and where are locations of parts tobe replaced.
replaced the blend door actuator it still does the same thing
In addition to a transmission rebuild.