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When running my heat, defrost, or air, it is causing a major pull on the engine and eventually it stalls. The air conditioner was recently charged, but that did not help. What may be the cause of this?
How do you lower the spare tire from underneath the vehicle?
It only makes the humming noise once I turn the vehicle off. If I start it up the noise goes away, but starts back up 10 minutes after I have turned it off. Is it my solenoid or my clutch fan blower
tools to replace fuel filter
I need to know how much oil is needed when changing the oil and filter in a 2004 Buick Rainier with a 4.2 liter engine?
My tach, amp meter and fuel guage are not reading correctly and are pointing to the furthest point to the right. Also, one of the lights on the steering wheel has gone out and it seems there is no way to fix it.
I recently had to work on my key cylinder and had removed my air bag. Now I've put it all back together and the service air bag is on with the dash light is this a program problem
I have owened my Rainer for almost 6 years and it has 92,000 miles on it. It is not as peppy as it use to be. The Maint. manual sais to check the spark plugs and wiring harness at 100,000 miles. The local dealer reco...
Problem when making a hard turn right or left, car doesn't want to go. It feels like the back wheels lock up. Had transfer case oil and rear oil replaced, and it did not fix the problem. 12-6-2010 Follow up-----...
i replaced the water pump and thermostat but acts like the thermastat wont open runs hot but pulled thermostat and checked but is workin but still gets hot acts like its vapor locked heater wont get hot even
Came out this morning to find my back passenger door will not open. I've tried from inside and outside to open it. Any ideas how to open it? Is there a history of lock mechanisms breaking on these vehicles?
I have 2004 buick rainier, 4.2l 6cy. When I am on the hwy and start to accelerate or slow down, I hear a whistle/buzz like sound coming from the under the hood. No warning lights come on and not tire issue, not sure w...
The air suspension leveling system in the Rainier has stopped. Checked the fuses, blown so replaced them - blows every time. The rear end is riding on the tires, is there any way to inflate the air bags and keep the...
Check engine light has been on steadily for about 2 weeks. Took it into the dealer and was told in the electronic control box there is a clutch band that could seige up and cause the truck to stop running.