disconnected battery and now climate control does not work.
I see that many have had this similar problem

I installed new actuator and it does not move the door to all positions

What holds hose to bag.

I want to repair myself. whatnwill I need for parts?

If it does turn on and you shut the car off it continues to run at a low speed for a few minutes. What could the problem be?

Do brake systems and cooling systems require flushing by time or mileage?

Does the trim around the entertainment center/heater control area pop/be pried off?

Why is the air pump not releasing air from the left outlet of the pump to the suspension.

few minutes or a hour. Was wondering if anyone else knows what this problem is

The windows do work at each door, but not at the drivers door, I already check the fuse's...

I was going to work this morning when I noticed that the back end of my car was lower than my front end. Both rear wheels seem lower than the front wheel. I had my wheels rotated a few weeks ago. And I noticed that my front brakes seems to be making a grinding noise. They are not squeaking, but just a grinding sound.

Last week, I had my tires rotated. And I now notice that my front tires seem to be making a grinding sound. Is this uncommon or not?

Fix the problem

how do you fix the problem

When heater is on rpms go from 800 to bellow 500 then jumps back again