2004 Buick Rainier Questions

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When I come to a stop it sounds like medal to medal, on both sides of my front brakes. I have had both front bearings and hubs replaced, all new brakes installed. But still sounds like medal to medal
and is very loud.
I disconnected the ABS and
the grinding stoped. I still have good brakes. Do I have to replace the whole ABS system? What do I do?

The rear end of my 2004 Buick Rainier is sitting low. The air pump comes on but nothing happens. If I try using the air outlet on the inside of the cargo bay, I don't get any air. Would this be a sign that the pump is dead or that there is a leak in the air bags and/or air lines?

We tested the blower moter and it's good it worked on the feet and windshield for awhile now that doesn't work either

also, grinding in front left wheel. bearings? what size socket needed . its a large nut .

It makes the sound everytime when I make a turn.It was recently check, new rods have been added and the brakes all replaced.

Have the system bled off and one bag almost out...trying to get line out of the top of the bag

The bags were replaced 1 yr. ago. no other parts were needed. 190,000 mi. It went down again and would not pump back up after driving, could not hear pump working. I parked the car for about a week. I started the car today it pumped up. Any ideas as to why it would not pump up while I was driving it? It may leak down overnight or it may take a day or so to leak back down. Suggestions please. My intentions are to keep it as a second car.

The Check Engine light (code C0035) is the left front wheel speed sensor. ABS light is NOT on. How do I test the sensor? If it is reporting a valid error - What are the possibilities? What are the possible solutions?