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Heater just up and quit
Instead the a/c is on. Also the entire lighting in the interior work
Sometime when I go to start my car, I may have to tap the key 20-50 times before it makes contact and starts. The other day's it will start everytime...What's the problem?
The car just decided not to start one day because of the security system.The rest of the security system seem's to function normal.
the shop says the sensor in installed and it just needs "miles" put on the car. An engine fire required the engine work. After 300+ miles it STILL isn't reset. Any ideas?
Some times digital readout stays steady at 192 but when it starts to drop to -17 and back up to 192 the engine starts to surge. I have changed the temp sensor below the thermostat, but the problem still remains. Any h...
Where is the cylinder located and how much it would cost to fix it?
My Engine computer went out on me when i was driven at first i didnt know what the problem was i tryed to get a computer reading on it and it would not read.so i bought a used Engine computer to replace the old one an...