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Car started losing power while driving. It'd take a while to start back up. Replaced starter, solenoid, throttle position sensor, had alternator tested & replaced the 3 coils to ignition control module. What could be ...
Tail lights, gas gauge, windows and locks were not working when I got it. Now the heater has stopped working as well as the car just stalls every once in awhile when driving. Is this possibly due to one electronic com...
it cycles on and off in five second intervals, each cycle lasting about ten seconds, whether I have have the unit on or off. Sounds like some thing need to be oiled badly.
This happened repeatedly one night, many times, then several weeks later instrument lights brighten while driving. Was scared headlights would shut off. What could this be?
and it appears on the dash a that the security engine warning light is flashing and the vehicle fails to start?
need to know location of computer that controls heat defroster
My car started smoking from under the hood and started over heat a little. It didn't get all the way to the red part because I turned it off. Before I turned it off, I heard bubbles sounding like they came from under ...
I understand the idea of dampers and actuators. Is there a drawing available that shows the different dampers and their locations.
If anyone has a car like this the check gauges comes on above the speed reader that neons green on the windshield
replace spark plugs ,wires, coils, M.A.P. clean thottle body, change fuel pump, fuel filter. map sensor, and many more and still Code PO 306 ....clear the code and in 10min. it will go back ... please help..
I put the charger on the battery will say fully charged. But then when I try to start it all I get is a growl. Tried to jump start no luck. Could it be the battery, alternator, starter, or sensor, or where do I loo...
i was driving and then i realized that when i went to eccellerate
Radio powers up, but antenna won't raise up. Help
The problems occurs when i turn my car off
how can I bypass the security system in my 2000 grand am Sometimes it wont start due to Security