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One is big the other is smaller line is by rec dryer 97 Buick park avenue
I've just changed the theromostat and my car (97 Buick park avenue) and is still running hot after 20 min of running, and don't see my water pump leaking at all. So what else could it be
keeps coming off
I can hear it actuating all the time I'm driving.
Changed the intake manifold gasket and cleaned the super charger. When I started it up it ran for a few minutes then died. Had to start with starter fluid then it ran but rough and died constantly at the idle.
do i just remove the metal clip at air line going in
My driver information center works sometimes but not very often. What is the problem?
Replaced transmission speed sensor, seemed to improve shifting, but speedometer still not working. Now it doesn't shift again. What's wrong here?