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It will shift and n to 4th gear. Why want it shift 2nd and 3rd
The car over heated when I put water in it came from were the engine and transmission is bolted from the fly wheel area
Whenever I put the transmission into drive the car goes into gear, but it seems like the brakes aren't releasing.
I experienced this problem for several years and just lived with it. Now the problem has progressed to no air blows out, period. No heat or air conditioning. I replaced the AC/heater control module and I still have...
Change plugs clean injectors tried everything can't not get the car to run.
The lights stay on and the blower still runs but the keys r out of the egnition.... it end up killin the battery everytime
Car shifts ok,then when in 4 th gear,kind of shudders or shakes real bad, then goes on ok.usually between 50 and 60 mile per hour.Have checked for codes and there were none,but check engine light on.Seems like trying...
my key is in the ignition at the start position but won't crank