Heat comes on drivers side and cool on passenger

Heater blows air but no heat. Coolant fine and thermostat shows 195*. It has climate control thermostat.

All dash lights came on car rolled to a stop. Try to start again. Engine turn over couple times. The power started clicking. Battery volts only showed 8. Light were very dim. When car was running output was at 13. What is wrong?

It has 256,261 miles

My security light keeps going off and on and sometimes off and sometimes on to where people are saying that that's the problem of my battery dying

First it was hard to get it out of park then reverse would only work once in a while and now all gears only work once in a while

I can't hear my fuel pump come on. The car has high miles but runs great. I shut it off and went to start it and it won't turn over

Cooling system will pull all antifreeze from the overflow reservoir. When you start the car and accelerate you will leave a white cloud of exhaust behind you. Doesn't seem to be a problem with warm engine. Pulled spark plugs and they all look white and the same.

i tink my need supercharger oil