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intermittent problem but daily amp gage needle starts bouncing car shuts off and on rapidly put trans out of gear shut key off restart runs fine till next time
My car is a 94 Buick parkavenue Series one 3.8 ltr v6 173,000 miles
the 1994 Buick Park Avenue I just bought has 170,000 miles.. It runs like a top, has had regular maintenance.. The engine is sound. I was wondering at what mileage is the timing chain due to be replaced? Do...
Dang thing. Battery charge light is frequently on seemingly without regard to whether lights and accessories are on. It almost seems like bumps in road change whether the battery meter is hitting about 13V or falling ...
I've looked everywhere and can't find it
can I use a 1994 buick lesabre emc computer to replace the emc computer in 1994 buick park ave
I was in New York City and after been in a traffic jam I loss my gas power I use to press the gas pader and the car wont go faster than 20 miles why is that?
My power steering pump went out and my car was down for about 3 weeks and now my a/c compressor will not kick on and its just blowing hot air. It was working fine before it was down.
$65 part + one hour labor? Why are estimates so high?
I have replaced the servo, the computer, the brake switch and checked all the vacuum lines for leaks. It will work sometimes and then it will kick it off and I have to turn the car off and start it again before it wil...
The horn was very sensitive, all I had to do was brush it with my purse or elbow,etc and it would blow. It didn't stick or stay on but was annoying. Had my garage people look at it and when they got done, it didnt eve...
ABS light stays on as it did when I purchased it used.