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This is the 3rd time in the shop
first time they changed the harmonic balancer then the crank senor both times it ran fine until the next morning then like now it won't start.

stopped working one day, cant see fuse that links to it, had someone try replace cluster board, still not work

What do I need to do buy a engine or can someone help me with a reasonable fair price (estimation) of prices

Should I change transmission shift solenoids

Should I change the transmission shift selonoids....first...?

Over then shuts down

intermittent problem but daily amp gage needle starts bouncing car shuts off and on rapidly put trans out of gear shut key off restart runs fine till next time

My car is a 94 Buick parkavenue
Series one 3.8 ltr v6
173,000 miles

the 1994 Buick Park Avenue I just bought has 170,000 miles..

It runs like a top, has had regular maintenance..

The engine is sound.
I was wondering at what mileage is the timing chain due to be replaced?

Does the whole engine have to be removed to do this,?

I do not know if it has or has not ever been replaced.

Dang thing. Battery charge light is frequently on seemingly without regard to whether lights and accessories are on. It almost seems like bumps in road change whether the battery meter is hitting about 13V or falling below 10V. When meter is about 10V, turn signals cause meter arm to twitch. When battery meter is at 13V, turn signal doesn't cause meter arm to twitch. Power response seems to sag when battery meter is not at 13V. Suggests alternator is not working properly. Battery has been checked repeatedly, but holds charge.