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has to warmup 10 min then its fine thought filter was cause is there a sensor on tranny
will work but can't find one. No longer made. How can I get this fixed? Can't drive without defroster
I was wondering if you could tell me where I can find DIY instrustions on interior restoring, replace liner and images of installation and removal of the sunroof-moonroof
Where in ECM, ECU module located
put thw windows down now will not go back up motor sounds like it is trying i think might have been knocked off track
The spare tire fills with water but no seen bad gasket
The blower works well but seems to blow out of only the passenger side. Can I repair this or is it too controlled by the A/C Module?
I start the car the leak will start 2 minutes after running then stop.. why is this happening
eccruz54@aol.com i replaced the rear struts 5/21/11 quick/struts and now they have bottomed out i hear the air pump going when i start and turn off the car but it won't raise the rear what could be wrong need help..thx.
please help I have had the engine replace,spark plugs, crank shaft sensor,alternator, battery good, starter good. I don't understand wht the problem can be now. Please Help Me Thank you in advance
Hello I have replace my engine (used) as well as replaced the alternator, spark plugs, and crank shaft sensor. the car still is not starting up. What can be the problem now ?
how can i fix a leaky brake line myself
the engine wont shut off with the key it stays running
Replaced the powertrain in my 93 Buick Park Avenue with one out of a 94 Regal Grand Sport. Fits like sock on a rooster. Why does it pull off like it's in second gear? HELP!! "NEL."
my buick park avenue gets water in it when driving through puddles the carpet gets soaked on the rear passenger side on the floor