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My car has slow acceleration it take about 100 feet then picks up speed as normal and i have a check engine light on. I have had many new parts replaced in this car including COMPETE brake syster water pump Crank shaf...
The car rides smooth once it's moving but you have to hit the gas really hard to get it moving.
Nothing in the HVAC system is working - no heat, no fan, no A/C. Have replaced A/C control unit in dash and then the passenger A/C control panel in door, but the system is just not responding. The panel (in center das...
My 1991 Buick Park Avenue cuts of after driving a few miles What could be the cause
how do I replace the cylinder and what tool do I need
This started happening about 4 days ago. I have to step on the gas and the break to keep the car on. When it just idles it turns off, and also when I start from a complete stop. Please help. Thank so much
hit a bump and vibration started
My ex replaced my original radiator with one from Ecology (the junkyard). Its from a car that looked just like mine, but the difference in the radiator is that it has 3 rows instead of 2(i really dont know what that m...
where is the fuel pump located on a 1991 Park Avenue 4 door
low beams won,t come on and parking lights stay on I was told the low high beam switch is bad need to know how to remove lower dash without breaking it. Thankyou
we have put new fuses in, wanted to check other things first if possible before putting in shop.can anyone help
Buick Park Evenue 91, wont accelerate. In reverse it accelerates just fine, maybe not exactly the same as before but still ok, but in forward it seams that it is in higher gear than it should be. It eventualy comes to...
How long does it take to replace a ball joint?