2000 Buick Lucerne where is the crank shaft sensor located

I set the alarm and an hour or so later the alarm goes off this is intermittent. Has anyone else seen this or an idea why.

I also checked fuses. The dimmer switch only turns on the front compartment lights.

car sits too high in rear

I have replaced the fan motor, resistor, and control board on dash. It will work fine for a couple of days and stop for a couple of days. Ruled out fuse panel because it cuts off and on.

It just started doing this while I was driving.

Why would an engine lock up

Is my transmission out

The tire well was full and leaking from below.

We can hit a small ripple in the road and the front end hits so hard it can make our teeth rattle. We had new shocks/struts put on the front end. Are there other coils or suspension items that we should have looked at that could be causing this?