I got in the car and hit #1 seat set up button to put my seat in set position. It did not work. I realized I had left an inside light on and turned it off. The car cranked fine, but once on the highway, messages came up on dashboard with engine symbol lit up, service stabilitrak and service traction device. Also noticed at stop sign that it felt like a mild pull back of motor or jerk.

the L shaped tube ..is leaking( by water pump ) , having to put engine coolant in fast to stop it from over heating. How is this replaced?

recently i had mt transmission replaced, new my dash lights only work in day light

Car is leaking coolant.Parked in a dry spot you will notice the leak is in the center, on the ground. I've recently replaced: Water Pump, Thermostat, Temp sensor and a relay switch for fans. What else could be the reason for my coolant leaking out ?I had to add a brand new bottle of antifreeze in radiator. Also I have been burning A/C more then usual

Winter time question. Ac works on both sides, but heat on passenger side does not come on until control button is set up to 84-86, while driver side is set at 74.
Dealer tested both sides at 70 & they tracked; said nothing was wrong!

I added 1/4 quart 10W-40 and let car set for 15 minutes. The bleeping stopped and light went off.
What is potential problem. Happened last year; no code showed up on computer at dealer.

Already replaced the rack n pinion

Car is on in park and while driving making loud whining sound

Service battery charging system light came on and I experienced symptoms of a bad alternator. I had my alternator replaced (150 amp) and after installed, the light was still on. Then, about a month later my starter went and I had it replaced. Now my car is running but the battery light is still on, (and my headlight is dim, and more irratic electrical behavior when fog lights are on) The car hasn't needed a jumpstart though,