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no radiator leak, no water pump leak, no busted hoses? water leak seems to be at the center of the car. the pulley is making awfull sounds and very shaky.
my buick switch gears at the right time sometimes and it picks up speeed kinda slow sometimes
I was told the hood support would cost nearly $190 to replace. Is this average??
all electrical portion is working. Unable to remove inside panel to inspect lock mechanism. Is there anything I can check or do?
Brought to dealer, all electrical parts OK. Unable to remove inside panel to check lock mechanism.
I have the seat bottom out and all the bolts out from the bottom of the seat
Takes ten minutes to pump the gas click by click Help??
Power steering system pressuring in reservoir ...is the cap a regulator to control pressure like a radiator cap on the reservoir? Or what is the cause?
only issue prior was air pump for rear shocks started and wouldnt stop. and coolant leek. no check engine light is on.
The bushing is cracked. Is it just a bolt on part or is it under toque or require that the engine be moved to install.