Broken interior doors at the handles. on Jeep Commander

Average mileage: 88,212 (10,000–152,000)
2 model years affected: 2006, 2007
67 people reported this problem
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I have the same problem with my driver-side door handle being broke, but there was no way I was going to pay that much money to get it fixed. So I did some research online and found a web site where I can order replacement door handles. There's a video that shows how to replace the handles in DIY fashion. No reason to pay a dealer $1000 just to replace some door handles!
2006 Jeep Commander 74,000 mi,
The plastic surround around the door handle became fractured and slowly piece by piece began to break off and fall into the inner door. As of now have not had it fixed viewing the costs some of you have cited.
2006 Jeep Commander 65,000 mi,
I contacted Chrysler shortly after the purchase of my commander and reported this problem. They denied any knowledge of this situTion. This issue was denied any wrong doing by Chrysler and they tried to blame this on abuse by me and my family however I advised them I purchased a jeep for the well known durability and fact that it was American vehicle but was completely dissatisfied by the cheap plastic door handles provided on a 100 year vehicle company with notoriety in the service industry & off road durability. Chrysler did agree to replace all four of my panels as they were all broken at no charge to me. I did have this completed but have since had another issue of the exact same kind. I am glad to see that some one now has a repair kit at a much less expensive cost to fix this reoccurring defect in this design. Although I'm overly disatisfied with the fact I again have to repair this problem, my commander is a great running truck that has served me very well for the past 9 years. Very littl maintenance and she runs like a champ. For those like me who have had this problem, thank you for the repair kit to save $300-400 per door for the entire panel to replace as the handle is a major issue and a necessity to have working properly.
I have an 06 Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi with chrome handles. The handles began breaking apart shortly after 60,000 miles. I got replacement handles on ebay for about $45 each. 90,000 miles later they are still looking like new, and did not have to pay $600+ for each door panel. It is very easy to install, just a little hassle to take the panel out, but well worth it. Just search in ebay for "2006 jeep commander door handle". Make sure you select the correct one for each door. (eg. FR, FL, RR, RL).
2006 Jeep Commander 60,000 mi,
both driver and passenger door handles have broken...
2006 Jeep Commander 40,000 mi,
Plastic surrounding door handles deteriorated.
2006 Jeep Commander 70,000 mi,
The plastic that holds the doors handle are broke
2006 Jeep Commander 128,000 mi,
When opening the door on the right rear door handle broke and on the other doors the plastic is cracking
2006 Jeep Commander 74,000 mi,
Drivers side door handle broke. I used a plastic epoxy and glued it back together.
My 2006 Jeep Commanders door handles also broke into pieces all for of them . I DO NOT have the means of paying 500.00 per door to replace handles.
2007 Jeep Commander 15,000 mi,
Door handles broke
2006 Jeep Commander 75,000 mi,
I have had all 4 handles break. The plastic is so weak and brittle, it literally crumbled with any pressure. Before Denlors Tools sold replacements, I used a 2 part epoxy to repair the plastic. The repair worked for a long time, but then it failed. As of now, I have replaced 3 handles and the 4th still has an epoxy repair holding - but I have the replacement handle on hand for when it fails again. The Denlors Tools replacement handles match perfectly, are reasonably priced and very easy to install.
All 4 of my interior door handles are broken
The inside interior door handle broke
2006 Jeep Commander 120,000 mi,
Plastic behind left drivers side interior has cracked and interior handle broke off
2006 Jeep Commander 95,000 mi,
Front Drivers door handle and back passenger right side door handle broken unusable. Haven't fix
2006 Jeep Commander 80,000 mi,
The plastic around the interior drivers door handle cracked and broke apart. I will look into all my options
2006 Jeep Commander 60,000 mi,
The handles on all four doors started breaking apart. Luckily you can get replacements on Amazon and I had them installed at a locksmith place for $50 each.
2006 Jeep Commander 99,000 mi,
We're also having the same problem with all 4 of our doors. Although we are lucky enough that we can still open our doors. We bought the jeep (buy here pay here) as is and he told us it was a 20$ fix. I see now that he lied through his teeth to make the sale. We have been quoted by the jeep dealership at 512$ a door, plus taxes. It would be awesome if Jeep offered a discount for people whom have this issue with their jeeps. Obviously this is a manufacturer defect and not the fact that my 2 year old niece "pulls the handle to hard" as Jeff Wyler has informed me. Jeep needs to get their butts in gear and get stuff done. I love my 2006 commander but I can only handle some many problems at once.
It has not been fixed and its very difficult open the doors