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Honda Accord Broken Door handle cable stay

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The green plastic stay that secures the door handle release cable can break leaving you unable to open your door from the inside. Cheap fix if you replace it yourself... $15 -
Drivers side door cable green plastic holder broke and I was not able to open the door from the inside. I bought the cable at the Honda dealer for $9.00 and replaced it myself in about 1/2 hour. -
Haven't repaired yet, but the driver side, inside door handle will not open door. Must roll down window and open door from outside the car. Seems to be similar to that described by others where the cable connection has broken...plastic???? hope that is not the case for newer model Honda cars. -
Door would not open from the inside of my 2004 Honda Accord EX which was a fairly easy fix, like most others on here I ordered the part from Honda and installed the door handle release stay cable. Hardest part is attaching the cable inside the door but if you look in there you can see how it goes it. Part was just under 10.00. -
Driver side door won't open from the inside. -
Door handle cable - green stay broke -
Inner door handle stopped working. Removed the inner door liner (4 hidden screws, and a bunch of plastic clips - see to see the green plastic clip is cracked at the "neck" so the cable doesn't have anything to pull against. Per advice going to pick up a new clip at the dealer (quoted "less than $15") and replace. -
Buying replacement cable clip -
Plastic stay clip broke. Don't have a solution. Tried electrical plastic wrap, but it didn't last long. -
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