Brake lights sticking on on Lincoln Aviator

Average mileage: 110,500 (65,000–150,000)
1 model year affected: 2004
9 people reported this problem
6 people shared problem details
Brake lights are sticking on and running down the battery.
2004 Lincoln Aviator150,000
Brake lighs coming on whenever they like running the battery dead.
Mine just started yesterday, but I was able to move the car slightly and when I shut the car off the brake lights turned off. It didn't work today. Someone suggested the brake fluid may be low. I filled it up, and even ran the engine and moved my car again. Still on.
2004 Lincoln Aviator120,000
Got out of the car and I seen that my brake light didn't go off. I just thought it was a delay in the lights going off. When I got up the next morning, my car would not crank due to my battery being dead.
2004 Lincoln Aviator101,000
Brake light sticking on and running down battery. Also has disengaged cruise control when set.
Brake lights are sticking on and running down the battery. Any fixes? Thanks! C
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The brake lights stick on and run down the battery. Anyone have the fix?
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