Brake Light Switch Failure May Cause ESP/BAS Warning Lights on Mercedes-Benz ML430

The ESP and BAS warning lights may illuminate due to a failed brake light switch. Replacement of the failed switch should correct this concern. A recall on certain 2000-2001 models have been recalled for a related issue - for more information please click here»

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Average mileage: 125,359 (10,600–225,000)
3 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001
38 people reported this problem
21 people shared problem details
while driving, the BAS ESP ligth went on . i park the car turn the engine off . when i try to start the car again everything was fine ,exept for the warning light still on and i could not disengage from the parking position I was stuck.the solution was easy, but you have to know it;;; there is a switch at the buttom of the gear lever [just under the 1 gear] you need a pencil long enough to reach for it , then you push on it and it release the locking pin and you are free to go.... but better change the breack switch ....
My ESP& BAS light has been on for over a year
All Brake light indicators ABS, etc. have been permanently illuminated now for 0ver 6 months! I finally just put black duct tape over them to keep them from distracting me.
My BAS/EPS lights came on and have stayed on. The mechanic says it is a switch. I would like the information on the recall if it is available.
ESP/BAS light intermittent on and off, goes away if turn ignition off
had the ESP/DAS warning light on
My ESP/BAS warning lights comes on occasionally. Wasn't aware this could have been caused by a faulty brake light switch. I would turn off the vehicle and restart it in the past to make the lights go out. I will replace the brake light switch and provide an update upon completion.
Light stays one BAS ESP
while driving the vehicle suddenly locks the brakes, nearly causing accidents. and after coming to a full stop, the brakes are still engaged for about 10-20 secs. and I has to drive the vehicle at about 10-20 mph...
All brakelights indicator lights are on when driving and stop at stop light when I go to take off it starts beeping and want change gear I have to pull over turn the switch off restart the vehicle and then it drives like nothings wrong but the brake indicator lights are still on
The bas, esp, the ! Light, abs, and Check Engine lights are on.
I am very tried of having dashboard lights keep coming on in the the day and in the night.. I have had two different mechanic try to stop the light from coming on. The BAS,ESP,ABS light I need your help for the recall asap. My email is Sandra
ABS, ESP, and BAS light come on and beeps when the outside temperature is above 75 degrees. Turning off vehicle and restarting generally resets warning light. There are many opinions about cause, yet there does not appear to be a set of solutions that anyone has posted or disclosed.
Light is on and off
Same issue BAS ESP light won't go out
BAS/ESP ETS and ABS lights stay illuminated
My brake lights don't go on, cruise control don't work, bas lights on, shifter is locked. I will try this fix and reply if it worked.
My BAS/ESP light came on while driving. I got home turned the car off and when I started it again to leave the car would not allow me to shift leaving me stuck in park.
brake lights stuck on, pull top plug on switch and lights dgo out, don't work at all.
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