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Won't start but computer shows I'm leaving something on inside
while driving the car started shutting down w/o notice. the service engine soon light is on. friend mechanic says 2 cam replacements (?)Pls. advise
I have a 2001 BMW M roadster that has only 14000 miles that I bought about 2 months ago. It was only driven about 600 miles in the past 3 years. On a couple of occasions when I have put heavy use on the clutch, ie rap...
This door lock cylinder turning seems to be a problem experienced by many BMW owners. The repair costs R outrages; costing from $500 to $800 to repair. I believe this is a design flaw by BMW & a recall should be level...
what causes the ABS and ASC light to go on and off frequently?
I have a 2001 BMW Z3 with 30,000 miles on it. I took the car to a BMW dealership and they ran a diagnostic test on it and found it to have 3 issues: - Valve Gasket Leak (said needs replacement) - Thermostat Replac...
I have a 2001 z3 with a 5-speed manual tranny and a 3.0 efi engine,my ? is I have a filler unit next to the oil filter which states ATF oil only,and I need to add some,what kind of ATF can I use?
Would like to plug in an Ipod into radio. Is there a kit or way to add on a jack?
the airbag light is on and the mechanic says it is code 71,what exactly is this?