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The creaking does not seem to occur when car is at speed but only when going very slow turning the steering wheel.

I pull over and shut it off, then restart it again and everything works fine for about 5 to 10 minnutes, the it all happens again. What is up with this?

I checked fuse box and the starter. Everything ok. I am stumped and don't have alot of $ to spend for lengthly testing

Motor off, key out. Dinger chimes without cease. Sounds like a low fuel ding or something. Cannot find source or cause. Shuts off when engine is running.

All of a sudden my clutch started to not preform properly. Now I have about 2" s at the very end of releasing it that seems to be connecting

I have a 98, 70,000 mi, time for serpentine belt change.. I had one dealer tell me they would change "both" for $240.. Another dealer says they think there are three... I had another repair shop quote me $800.00. Frustrating.

I replace the thermostat I replace the water pump the car still overheats

had my car idling and started to over heat now i have water poring on ground on the back end of motor what might it be from

Certain way then it starts to work again

diamonn is 18 yrs old her odometer is 179,146, she,s had 6 prior owners,based on autochecks history report ,never been in a accident, had her for bout 3 months,her engine light just came on,and the driverside window stop workin along with heater, since I,m not sure how she was beeni takeing care of,other then those issues,where should I start,to insure proper upkeep

My 1996 BMW Z3 heater does not work. I can get a/c and defrost to work but not heat. Any thoughts on what could be the problem. The car does not overheat and runs fine.

Won't start but computer shows I'm leaving something on inside

Happened twice in past week,after stopping at a light i start up and it feels like im in a higher gear and really have to feather clutch and give extra throttle.Could i be low on trans oil? any other ideas,once moving shifts and drives fine.Thx.

while driving the car started shutting down w/o notice. the service engine soon light is on. friend mechanic says 2 cam replacements (?)Pls. advise

My work associate Shaun did a DIY clutch job on his 1999 BMW Z3. After putting it all back together, he tried to press down the clutch pedal and it wouldn't move a inch. I'm thinking the fork to slave is messed up. He's getting it towed to my house so I can take try fix it. He also broke the upper bolt on the starter. This is going to be an new adventure. Any advice would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

The buzzing sound is loud. coming from under the dash on the left side. If i load down the electrical system with AC on and high beams on it stops. Otherwise about 5-10 minutes into the drive the annoying buzzing begins.

Transmission shifts as normal, but cruise control does not work.

125,000 miles on her and her steering has a lot more play in it. When I come to a stop it doesn't feel tight anymore. I've noticed this on other used cars too. How can I tighten my front end up?

Radiator and thermostat 1 yr ago! What could this be?

This occurs irregularly

Does it have a cold start injector

Every time I wash the car, or, if it rains?

Glove box is stuck closed. Latch will lift but not open.

Makes the "card shuffling noise" when I make a right hand turn. No noise when driving straight or turning left. Car does not "bounce" or make noises when I push down on the rear. Lug nuts seem secure. Tire/wheel noticeably tilts inward at the top. No "wobble" detected. Any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

My BMW Z3 clutch is going, has over 105, miles. When engaging the clutch it makes a ruff sounding noise still shifting a little tuff backing up and into 1st. Is it ok to drive like this for another week or so before getting in to dealer to replace?