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My transmission is not driving right with that on

All my speakers are out but the one on the drivers side.. Also the locks, key remote, alarm system etc

After changing hoses

Car turned on and doesn't make any noise while in park then When shifting into any gear the car will not move and makes a grinding noise even when I put back into park. Have Ti shut car off and restart for noise to stop

Message: Trans. Falsafe prog. PNRD non of them is in subrillance Eventhough your are runing
What could be the problem please help

All the lights inside the car flashing and dimming

On machine and code p1092 came on want to know what this code means.thanks

I recently had the water pump and thermostat replaced on BMW X5 4.4i. Since that repair it appears that I have a real bad oil leak.

Question 1. Could it be the oil pan drain plug is loose and needs to be tighten.

Question 2. If something was not done properly when the water pump and thermostat were replaced would it cause an oil leak to occur?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and if you have any other suggestions please provide.


at times the motor will crank longer than normal, you will stop cranking and try again and motor will start but you will smell heavy fuel out the tail pipe and motor will be ruff and than clear up, has 52psi fuel pressure at start.

the driver and passenger doors would not open from the exterior, however I could roll down the windows and open them from the inside. The repair was quoted at 668.45 per door, labor included. I thought that was too much. I sourced the parts which were 125.00 each. labor 150.00 per hour.

I'm considering buying a used car from a used car dealer. Everything seems fine with the car, except that I found that the car is slow to brake...not what I expected from an X5. The dealer told me that the front brake pads are brand new. I looked and they are in fact new. However, the pad is also noticeably angled, so that one side is much closer to the rotor than the other. Also, the rotors have not been replaced/resurfaced.

My question(s) is: is this a huge red-flag? I know it is tough to assess this without driving the car, but does it sound like the brakes just need some time to break-in/bed? Or the brakes actually spongy and the fluids need to be bled? Or, are the brake pads installed poorly/incorrectly?

I am kind of in a hurry to buy a car, which I know is probably not a good idea, but I am faced with that predicament.

Thanks for any input.

I'm considering buying a used 2004 X5 with 80k miles on it. It's priced about $3k below KBB because the A/C compressor is out and needs to be replaced. It has been out for about a year without being fixed. Is it reasonable to buy a car like this, and if I do, should I expect lots of trouble down the road?