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- Front Lower Control Arms (Tork) Bushings Cracked (Labor $305/Parts $160 - Right Front Drive Axle Broken (Labor $238/Parts $503) - Replace Steering Angle Sensor and reprogram (labor $247/parts $365
was driving down the road push the button to lift up the suspension how the button a little too long about 10 minutes later the driver side airbag on the suspension popped...so I replaced airbag on the suspension how ...
Need to change boths cats..any ideas of the best way
computer says some sensor and something about gear ratio for 3&4.
it is damaged and I want to replace it
The blower motor does not run
when I put the car into gear the rear wheels will not spin
I cant figure out which relay it is and didnt find a blown fuse
i need fuel line specs on the x5 diesel turbo engine