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I bought a window regulator with motor , had it put it . Window will roll down but not up unless you use a jumper
as soon I shift from nutral to drive with foot on brake , i hear rattling sound and vibrations. as soon i lift off the brake and the car moves the sound and vibration goes off. moreover while accelerating at a speed o...
when backing out of my driveway which is elevated, my brake pressure is minimal to the point I have depressed the brake pedal all the way, and the car comes to a slow halt. I just had the brake fluid changed as per B...
Oil change 2200 miles ago and I have added 3 quarts of oil.Dealer says valve guide seals are worn ($7K). Checking third party extended warranty? Only owner since April?? Any advice , previous experiences??
The low level light comes on after every 200mile trip.
Bought new from dealer it just all the sudden just wouldn't work
Dealer reset after one week with no reason given, back on again. Any Ideas??
had the issue diagnosed at dealership also to replace guibo
i heard that it is a common thing in bmw that they smoke please let me no if its fixable and if its easy to do or repair
just bought a 2007 750li bmw and dont no what kind of oil to use