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I bought a window regulator with motor , had it put it . Window will roll down but not up unless you use a jumper
minutes the engine hits and starts like nothing was wrong. when it refuses to start, only the engine symbol lights up.
The driver side door that has a soft closing will not close, do you know what the problem could be and how much it will cost?
as soon I shift from nutral to drive with foot on brake , i hear rattling sound and vibrations. as soon i lift off the brake and the car moves the sound and vibration goes off. moreover while accelerating at a speed o...
when backing out of my driveway which is elevated, my brake pressure is minimal to the point I have depressed the brake pedal all the way, and the car comes to a slow halt. I just had the brake fluid changed as per B...
The messages says "DRIVE control" Drive moderately Drive Control system malfunction. Please contact nearest BMW center
I got the prices like this from the local BMW service center and want to see if it is reasonable or I can get it done cheaper somewhere else like local mechanic Engine belts $149.36 Brake flush $120.69 Oil Change...
it shows transmission fault on the screen,or it shows p,r,n,d also.
Oil change 2200 miles ago and I have added 3 quarts of oil.Dealer says valve guide seals are worn ($7K). Checking third party extended warranty? Only owner since April?? Any advice , previous experiences??
The low level light comes on after every 200mile trip.
Bought new from dealer it just all the sudden just wouldn't work
I already checked my window motor& regulator, they are good. What should I check next? or how can I fix my window,
BMW E65 E66 I CONTROLLER CONTROL MODULE CONSOLE OEM 750LI 750I 760 61316947817 The controller button not working to control menu.
Dealership says I need to replace hydraulic controller in console. I cannot find this part name on ebay. What is correct name to search under for controller in console?
is this normal or something I should have checked out by my bmw dealer
There is a transmission fault on dashboard. 2006 bmw 750li with 77000mi