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minutes the engine hits and starts like nothing was wrong. when it refuses to start, only the engine symbol lights up.
The driver side door that has a soft closing will not close, do you know what the problem could be and how much it will cost?
as soon I shift from nutral to drive with foot on brake , i hear rattling sound and vibrations. as soon i lift off the brake and the car moves the sound and vibration goes off. moreover while accelerating at a speed o...
when backing out of my driveway which is elevated, my brake pressure is minimal to the point I have depressed the brake pedal all the way, and the car comes to a slow halt. I just had the brake fluid changed as per B...
The messages says "DRIVE control" Drive moderately Drive Control system malfunction. Please contact nearest BMW center
I got the prices like this from the local BMW service center and want to see if it is reasonable or I can get it done cheaper somewhere else like local mechanic Engine belts $149.36 Brake flush $120.69 Oil Change...
it shows transmission fault on the screen,or it shows p,r,n,d also.
Oil change 2200 miles ago and I have added 3 quarts of oil.Dealer says valve guide seals are worn ($7K). Checking third party extended warranty? Only owner since April?? Any advice , previous experiences??
The low level light comes on after every 200mile trip.
Bought new from dealer it just all the sudden just wouldn't work
I already checked my window motor& regulator, they are good. What should I check next? or how can I fix my window,
BMW E65 E66 I CONTROLLER CONTROL MODULE CONSOLE OEM 750LI 750I 760 61316947817 The controller button not working to control menu.
Dealership says I need to replace hydraulic controller in console. I cannot find this part name on ebay. What is correct name to search under for controller in console?
is this normal or something I should have checked out by my bmw dealer
There is a transmission fault on dashboard. 2006 bmw 750li with 77000mi
Get the auto signal that indicates transmission failure. Car is paid for but barely has 50k miles on it. Garage kept cream puff otherwise. White with caramel interior. This is extremely scary for me!!! I am a female ...