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When I start the car in the morning and put it drive, it takes a while for it to engage unless I put it in drive as soon as I start the car. While driving through the streets the car has problems shifting but on the freeway it seems to run fine
Do I need to have the transmission replaced and if so, how much is it going to cost. Or should I just trade it in?

And then the coolant indicator showed I had some antifreeze put in and later that evening I drove it and when I parked the car and cut it off white smoke came from under the hood. I know my battery needs replacing but when I got my car home and tried to start it the next morning it would not come on. Now I can't even get in with my key pad and I can only use the key manually but I can not get into the trunk neither will the other doors open. What do you think the problem is?

I want to know if a mechanic can put it on or can I. Or where does it go?

How much to replace all flat tire malfunction sensors ? Park brake malfunction sensor comes on after about 10 miles of driving .

when I add transmission fluid the car start smoking from the tail pipe and start smelling like bad gas only smoke when adding fluid are idle for a while,must add fluid every other day

oil leak left side of engine

Transmission is locked in park position and cannot get it to into drive or reverse

I have a bad oil leak that's coming from behind the alternator. I looked everywhere else on the engine and that's the only place it can be coming from .The oil puddels on the driver side skid plate and on that side of the engine. There are no codes coming up and the engine light ain't on. It runs fine and when i check the oil level on the i drive(that's the only way to check it on this car) it reads ok.

Why does white smoke come from the rear of my 750LI

2007 bmw 750 li blowing hot air on driver side cold air on passengers side ac pressure is ok ac compressor wines when start up but stops but the blowing cold and hot air stays the same

radio/display panel is black

where can i see it?

I want to know if my transmission is bad I'm going to a mechanic from the dealer and I don't really trust him so I don't understand what it means when it says transmission fault and the car is rumbling I don't know if anybody has any answers but I could use some help

If my car isn't n park will it crank up tell me how to put the car n park

My radio/stereo is not working properly. I have no base. I can turn the the base all the way up but no difference,

I have 1 750li 2006 BMW. my question is: Sometime my car start and then other times I have to keep pushing start button from any where from 5 to 10 mins. But car does start eventually. I was told it could be a bad fob or communication module? or crank sens..."

Can only find one on the driver side

California Smog check requested but car can't pass it's internal "Liquid Fuel Leak Check" - result is NOT READY (category OBDII). Also appears to say OBDII Monitors Not Ready and references Catalyst, Evaporation System and Oxygen Sensor.
Car is running fine with no check engine showing.

While driving down the street the radio and a.c go dim and the parking brake goes on and off. The car wants to shut off while making a left or right turn. Then when I park it and turn the car off it doesn't want to turn back on. I have to wait a few minutes before it turns on again with no problems? Any input would be appreciated.

The turning light error would come on and off at time, time it is not going away. is there a fix. i took it to a shop and the guy said to replace the whole headlamp

The lights no longer flash or beep when locked. I checked all the doors, hood and gas lock. The fuses are all fine and the panic alarm still works. I can lock/unlock the doors with the fab. Also, until two days ago I was able to walk up to the car and open the locked door with the key fab in my hand. That no longer works. I tried both sets of keys. Any suggestions????

I bought a window regulator with motor , had it put it . Window will roll down but not up unless you use a jumper