I have the ship all the wires are intact looks like nothing broke off need to know ballpark figure on repair job

Do i have a leak. My oil seems to be leaving kind of fast.

hello i have a question about my 2006 bmw 750i is leaking engine oil and also white smoke come out of my right side of the hood the smoke is from burning oil about a month ago i give my car to mechanic to fix that problem i spend he said to me that it has a valve cover gasket problem i spend $700 bucks but its still smoking when the mechanic give me a car that night i start my car and i check the two light come up in my dash and one says that CHECK ENGINE and the second one is PARKING BRAKE MALFUNCTION LIGHT and also my car starts shaking and vibrating i guess he messed up my car and when i give to another mechanic he plug my car into his computer and he said that you have a MISFIRE CYLINDER 2,3,&7 AND ALSO YOU HAVE A TRANSMISSION COILS OR MAYBE IGNITION COILS PROMBLEM AND HE GIVE ME AN ESTIMATED TO FIX THAT ALL AROUND LIKE 7-8K TO FIX THOSE PROBLEMS PLEASE HELP ME ASAP GUYS THANK U...

Won't start because key won't stay locked in place.

car check is fine and dont notice a misfire

This is the first time this problem has accured. The car has only 80,000 miles on it.

I have changed the battery. It starts when I push the start button, but it shuts down when it is parked

front wheel area has a grinding noise and some vibration when driving.

Sometimes when I'm making a left hand turn, the above quote pops up on my dash. There are two amber two filament bulbs on the front left side that blink when activated. The one in question is the one that is farthest left. It can blink in unisen and sometimes, it'll not come on at all causing the remaining blinkers to flash very quickly. Sometimes it'll come back on during the same left hand turn and everything returns to normal meaning regular interval flashes. Bulbs and sockets have been swapted and cleaned with no difference in performance. What can I try next?

My car is currently stored at the house while I travel for a few months. Periodically the car is driven a mile or less to keep it from just sitting. It has been 3 weeks since I last drove the car and I got an emial saying the low oil light and low coolant notification came on. I filled the coolant prior to leaving and the oil has recently been change. there are no visible leaks, no smells of burning anything, and ground stains. I am at a lost as to what it could be.