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I tried the central button and it clicks but will not unlock the doors. The driver door will open from the inside but the other doors will not. So there is only one entrance and exit to the car and that's the drivers ...
Won't start because key won't stay locked in place.
It will open from the inside my soft close still work and I can lock the doors from in the car or with key fob and the physical key itself but will I pull the handle I get nothing
When i push the park button my car stops, but it shows neutral on my i need to push the start/stop button twice for my car to shutt off completly
car check is fine and dont notice a misfire
This is the first time this problem has accured. The car has only 80,000 miles on it.
I have changed the battery. It starts when I push the start button, but it shuts down when it is parked
after i got new wheels , it was worse.... very mushy and bumpy,i had the car aligned was way out of alignment. but the bad drive still continues.
It has happened on three occasions in the past month. Each time, I'm accelarating from a stop (red light) and boom, something catches. I have 73k miles on this pre-owned vehicle.
front wheel area has a grinding noise and some vibration when driving.
Sometimes when I'm making a left hand turn, the above quote pops up on my dash. There are two amber two filament bulbs on the front left side that blink when activated. The one in question is the one that is farthest ...
My car is currently stored at the house while I travel for a few months. Periodically the car is driven a mile or less to keep it from just sitting. It has been 3 weeks since I last drove the car and I got an emial sa...
I have just got my 750i back from a transmission shop and was told nothing was wrong... My transmission light is still illuminated and im worried about getting the run around what should i do...
The trunk will not open with the key fob or the trunk relese button in the vehicle. Is there a way to open it manually?
Cruise control not working either. This may be due to brakes on all times (electrically).